William Cope

William Cope photoMr. Cope commenced practicing law in 1985 in the areas of business, real estate, commercial law and litigation. Mr. Cope was introduced to Bankruptcy law in 1986 when he represented Leroy Bergstrom, Chapter 11 trustee in In re Lemons and Associates, Inc., which at the time was the largest commercial bankruptcy case pending in the state of Nevada1. Over the years Mr. Cope has handled thousands of bankruptcy cases including all types of debtor and creditor cases. Some of the more significant cases are as follows: In re Lemons and Associates – Trustee’s counsel; as listed above In re Robert L Helms Construction – Debtor’s counsel; In re Newton(Wayne) – major secured creditor’s counsel; and In re Washington Group International Inc. – major secured creditor’s counsel. Mr. Cope has since practiced in all areas of Bankruptcy law representing debtors, creditors and trustees in both business and personal bankruptcy cases. Over the years Mr. Cope has achieved a high rate of success in representing his clients in these matters.
William Cope
505 Ridge Street, Reno, NV 89501
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