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2018-03-24_133802.pngThéda Page's practice of law is motivated by the desire to help people through difficult circumstances. She spends time with her clients in order to understand their needs so that she can provide them with comprehensive and quality representation. Théda was a child of divorce, has gone through a divorce herself, and is a stepmother, giving her the unique, first-hand understanding of family dynamics and emotions that come up in difficult family situations. After graduating from law school at the age of 24, Théda W. Page began her career in bankruptcy and family law. In 1986, she represented debtors for a Dallas law firm and then, as a sole member firm. In 1988, she joined the corporate legal department of J.C. Penney Company, Inc. There, she developed and implemented a consumer bankruptcy rights enforcement project for the company's credit service centers and represented the company in bankruptcy courts across the country. She also worked in the area of trade regulation—ensuring the company's compliance with applicable state and federal laws.
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