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The law firm of SeiferFlatow delivers proven results in the fields of business law (international and domestic), family law, personal injury, worker’s compensation, DWI/DUI, traffic, criminal defense, and employment law. These results are driven by a personal commitment to each and every case and the dedication to go the distance for you as a client. Maybe you were hurt at work and are wondering about what a disability or injury rating means for you. Maybe you were arrested on suspicion of a DWI and you’re wondering what to do next. Maybe you were fired and now you’re considering filing a wrongful termination claim, or maybe you’re worried about your employer punishing you for filing a worker’s compensation claim. Maybe you were in a car crash caused by an uninsured driver and now you’re wondering who’s going to pay for your repairs. Maybe your spouse has just left you and you’re wondering where to turn for help. With these questions and more, we can help.
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