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The law firm of Schumacher & Stanley strives to be your family's attorney. When the government is trying to take your freedom, your children or your money, you need someone who knows how to maneuver through the court system. You need resources. Divorces and civil disputes can be devastating- financially and emotionally. We want to restore your self worth and dignity while we fight for your rights in the matters of family law, civil law, probate, adoption, criminal law, professional licenses, DHS actions, expungements, and injuries. We are based in Norman, Oklahoma and are available to serve people from all of central Oklahoma. Our experience encompasses all sides of the legal spectrum, from prosecutor to law enforcement and from private practitioner to judge, we have seen the courtroom from every angle and will use that experience to serve you.
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Schumacher & Stanley
114 East Main Street, Norman, OK, 73069, United States
| Civil Litigation | Criminal | Family | Personal Injury |
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