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Raymond Forbess, Sr. - The forbess Law Firm photoRaised in Jacksonville, Mr. Forbess attended Bishop Kenny High School. He went on to earn his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. After graduating college, he was commissioned as an Army Officer at 20 years of age. Mr. Forbess was an Infantry 2nd Lieutenant in Korea and commanded Rifle, Mortar and Anti-Tank Platoons. He worked the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Ray completed Airborne School, Ranger School, and the Special Forces (Green Beret) qualification course in addition to the Infantry Officer's Basic and Advanced Course. He qualified as an Expert Marksman on various weapons including the .45 pistol, M16 Rifle, M203 Grenade Launcher, M.60 Machine gun, and .50 Caliber Machine Gun. As a Special Forces Officer, Mr. Forbess was commander of several 12 man "A" Team detachments as well as a Battalion Staff Officer. He was also in charge of approximately 125 soldiers as Commander of D. Company, 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group. Mr. Forbess was in Special Forces on Airborne Status units for approximately 10 years. He has parachuted from helicopters, cargo planes, and cargo jets. Approximately half of the jumps were at night.
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Raymond Forbess, Sr. - The forbess Law Firm
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