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Chhayal N Patel Patel Law P.L.C photoPatel Law is committed to providing you with the information you need to decide whether bankruptcy is right for you. While bankruptcy can be a very powerful debt relief option, it is not right for everyone. One of the main purposes of Bankruptcy Law is to give a person who is burdened with debt a fresh start. There are many reasons why a person considers bankruptcy as a debt relief option. Life is full of unexpected events and the Bankruptcy Code is there to assist individuals who have a genuine need for help with their financial situation. Regardless of your age, or the size and complexity of your estate, estate planning is one of the most important steps any person can take. Planning for your estate will ensure that your health care and final property wishes are honored, and that your loved ones are provided for in your absence. A comprehensive estate plan can resolve a number of legal issues that arise whenever anyone dies, including: state of decedent’s financial affairs; real and personal property owned; who gets what; personal guardianship to care for minor children; state and federal taxes applicable to transfer of property ownership; funeral arrangements; and protection from predators and creditors.
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| Bankruptcy and Insolvency | Estate and Probate |
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