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N. C. Deday LaRene was born in New York City on the day of the Allied invasion of occupied France (D-Day), from which he got his name. After graduating from the University of Chicago Law School in 1968, he accepted a one-year appointment teaching legal research and writing at the University of Michigan Law School. He began practicing law in 1971, after a number of other endeavors, including a stint as a writer for the rock-and-roll magazine Creem. Since then, he has confined his practice to the defense of criminal cases in both trial and appellate courts. He has appeared before trial courts in more than a dozen States, and United States District Courts in more than 15 Districts and Territories, and argued cases before five United States Circuit Courts of Appeals. He has lectured extensively, spoken on radio and television, and written articles on various subjects relating to the practice of law, specifically in the area of criminal defense.
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