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McDonald Law Group, LLC and its attorneys and staff are in no way associated with the transfer, sale or holding of funds for Bit Coins. McDonald Law Group, LLC, its attorneys and staff do no act as attorneys or agents, including escrow agents of any Bit Coin transfers or transactions. If you have been provided with our information including, alleged bank information or the names McDonald Law Group, Rena McDonald, Esq. or the names of any attorneys or staff of McDonald Law Group, LLC in association with the sale and/or transfer of Bit Coins please contact our office immediately. If you have received a request to wire any funds to McDonald Law Group, LLC whether the request appears to come directly from McDonald Law Group, LLC, its attorneys or staff, or a third party please immediately contact our office at 702-448-4962 to verify the validity of the request. Our office has not and will never send an unsolicited request to wire any funds to our office. You should always verify where you are sending your funds prior to initiating any wires or transfers and we are not responsible for the loss or theft of any funds wired to any entity purporting to be or do business as McDonald Law Group, LLC.
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McDonald Law Group
203 S. Water Street Suite 300 Henderson, NV 89015
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