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The Lombardi Law Firm is a civil litigation firm that handles its own work and works with referring attorneys while paying and being paid referral fees. We pay out thousands of dollars each and every year to lawyers from Iowa’s rural counties. Lawyers from the smaller less populated counties refer cases to us and together we handle the work while allowing them to be co-counsel in their client's personal injury, workers compensation and other civil cases that they would not necessarily be qualified to handle. Maintaining rural lawyers in practice requires them to earn a decent living and our referral program does just that. Depending on how much work you refer to us, we will adjust our referral fee percentage. There are just two reasons why insurance adjusters want to talk with you - and only two reasons. 1. Get you to tell them something that allows them to pay you nothing. 2. Get you to tell them something/anything that allows them to pay you less than what should be fair compensation.
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