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Mr. McNamara began practicing law in November 1990, and soon thereafter joined his father, Leo F. McNamara. Even before he attained his law degree, James worked with his father--during law school, post-law school and continued to work with him all up to his father's passing on July 9th, 2013. In addition, Mr. McNamara gained pre-License experience with the District Attorney's office in Los Angeles County, the Deputy Public Defender's office in Santa Cruz, CA and worked as a clerk in a prominent products liability / personal injury firm in the San Fernando Valley. Leo F. McNamara, Esq. passed away on July 8th, 2013. He was 84 years old when he passed away due to a sudden infection/illness while on vacation. The California State Bar requires our offices to notify and disclose his passing to all clients and potential customers of this law office. Further, that despite his passing this law office continues to hold on to and maintain it practice with the fundamental purpose unchanged which is to to help all in need. Leo F McNamara, Esq. continues to on as we continue to use his name along with my own at the Law Offices of McNamara & McNamara. My father has passed away and clearly he is no longer practicing law.
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| Civil Litigation | Criminal | Family | Landlord Tenant |
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