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2018-03-24_095430.pngKimberly W. Rahn is an associate attorney in the firm’s Houston office. Kimberly focuses her practice on actively defending claims arising under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, the Defense Base Act, and the War Hazards Compensation Act. Prior to joining SBSB Law, Kimberly was a supervising attorney at a mid-sized foreclosure law firm in Chicago, IL. In her supervisory role, Kimberly managed four attorneys and 20 staff members, was responsible for a caseload of over 400 residential and commercial foreclosure actions, practiced daily in Wisconsin and Illinois courts, and created and maintained meaningful client relationships. It was also in this capacity that Kimberly gained a wide range of experience in litigating complex foreclosure and title dispute actions, participating in mediations, obtaining settlement agreements, and pursuing or defending cases on appeal.
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