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Screenshot_39.pngFor me, it’s not as simple as automatically considering someone a criminal because they’ve been accused of a crime. Beginning as a Bay area prosecutor I realized that the majority of those accused of a crime are good people who have made a mistake for whatever reason. Be it domestic tragedy, terrible economic circumstances, or an occasional lack of judgment, something we’ve all experienced, without fail there is an underlying circumstance leading to the actions of the accused. Just as a medical patient needs help navigating the waters of a medical need, so do the people accused of a criminal act being processed through our criminal court system. With proper counsel and representation, it is my hope that I can help my clients through their difficult time and get back to being the contributing member of society that they are as quickly as possible. I’ve always felt it is easier for the masses to point a finger and hop on the accusatory bandwagon. The true character and strength comes in standing up for someone’s rights, something we as a society must value and hold near or risk losing.
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