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Howard Iken photoI have had to work hard for everything in life. Nothing was given to me and I certainly was not “born with a silver spoon.” I think that has given me the inner quality to be a good attorney. I grew up in the projects in a major city environment. It was a dog eat dog environment. That type of environment is filled with brutality, raw unfairness, and the need to constantly protect what is yours. A polished attorney would look at the neighborhood I grew up in an comment on the “unfairness” and the “haves and the have-nots.” But I did not know anything about that. All I knew was the need to dream, constantly push, and to work hard to move out and become something. My work ethic was my ticket out of the projects. And it turned out; my background gave me everything I consider important in an attorney. Or at least – the attorney I aspire to be. My tendency is to concentrate on an important task and to single-mindedly screen out everything else until it is done. I like to win. I love to win. But I do not like to win through chance. My greatest thrill is to put a lot of good work into a project, get paid for my time, and end up achieving my client’s goals. Unfortunately that thrill does not last long because I usually rapidly move to the next project. My mind contains a list of priorities at all times. I am very methodical, and tend to manage available time well.
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Howard Iken
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| Bankruptcy and Insolvency | Criminal | Estate and Probate | Family | Real Estate |
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