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The Hedding Law Firm has been helping clients in Los Angeles County since the 1970's. We are well known and respected in the criminal court arena by prosecutors, judges, fellow attorneys, court staff and the thousands of clients we have assisted over the years. There is no substitute for experience and the connections that are built and forged over many years of fighting for our clients. There are many attorneys in and around Los Angeles that will take criminal cases for the retainer fee, not understanding how the system even works. Don't waste your prescious money when it comes to your freedom. We stand at the ready to snap into action and to begin the process of creating a perfect defense for each individual client. The control that you have lost and the fear that you feel can be alleviated with one phone call. Our Firm has handled thousands of criminal matters over the years, ranging from DUI to murder, to white collar offenses as well as Federal matters all over the country. We are based in the San Fernando Valley, in Encino California and are well known throughout the Valley (Van Nuys Court, San Fernando Court, Sylmar Court and Los Angeles State and Federal Court systems). We are experienced in handling a wide variety of criminal offenses and have established a solid reputation with state and federal prosecutors and judges.
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