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Franklin Paisley, Of Counsel photoFranklin Church Paisley is licensed to practice in Kentucky courts, and focuses his practice on criminal defense. However, Mr. Paisley’s practice is not limited to criminal defense; he is also able to assist clients with civil litigation, personal injury, child custody, and a variety of family law issues. Mr. Paisley knows that a criminal charge is very serious and that each client needs a lawyer who appreciates their concerns and will work ceaselessly to get the best possible result. To achieve such a result, Mr. Paisley will listen to and answer any questions you may have, exhaustively examine the evidence in your case, interview any and all witnesses, and even assist in retaining an expert witnesses, if necessary. Mr. Paisley proudly provides this level of service for every one of his clients. He has defended clients accused of various crimes, including assault, drug possession and trafficking, driving under the influence (DUI), robbery, theft, and many others. Mr. Paisley entered the practice of law in Lexington, Kentucky shortly after graduating from the Charleston School of Law in South Carolina. For two years, Mr. Paisley served as Staff Attorney for Fayette County Circuit Judge Ernesto Scorsone. In this role, Mr. Paisley learned how the court system functions while gaining valuable knowledge of the most efficient methods to help his clients.
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Franklin Paisley, Of Counsel PARTNER
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