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Filing bankruptcy cases in Missouri & Kansas to help debtors eliminate debt, stop garnishments, repossessions & foreclosures & review your second mortgage & back taxes as bankruptcy may help you manage or eliminate those debts. My staff and I believe that knowledge is...

4016 S Lynn Crt Suite B Independence (Misuri)
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When facing any legal issue, hiring the right representation can be a stressful and daunting task. There are many different aspects to be considered when choosing an attorney, including track record, practice areas, and the simple secure feeling of knowing you will be fought for. At Jennifer...

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When W M Law’s president, Jeff Wagoner, was 13 his family lost their family farm. While his childhood included financial hardship, the community rallied around them to help his family cope. This experience inspired him to become a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers. From the day our bankruptcy...

3720 Arrowhead Ave #102 Independence, MO 64057
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