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2018-03-25_153524.pngAttorney Beatriz “Bea” Sosa-Morris was born in McAllen, Texas, and raised in Angleton, Texas. She watched her parents' American dream come to fruition when they started their small business called "Angleton Tire Shop." At that moment, she knew that she wanted to realize her American dream and enter a profession in which she could assist others through difficult times in their lives. Her first job was at the family tire shop where she developed her work ethic. Her family turned a rundown fruit stand into a tire shop where every member of her immediate family has worked including her husband who is now a neurosurgeon. Attorney Sosa-Morris was not afraid of working hard and getting her hands dirty while working at Angleton Tire Shop, and that work ethic has followed her into her professional career. Attorney Sosa-Morris says that, “a hands-on approach to every case is a necessity if you truly believe that the Client Matters. While other firms may have a partners’ name on the door, the client never speaks with that partner and they end up being pawned off to someone the client did not hire. Here, I am always reachable because you hired me.”
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