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Venar Ayar and his firm are truly competent and ethical Tax Lawyers who will vigorously defend your rights. We know how to… Protect your bank accounts and property Stop the IRS from harassing you Negotiate settlements for a fraction of the amount Tax Law is all we do, and we know how things actually work at the IRS. We can favorably resolve your Federal or State, personal or business tax problems – anything from unfiled tax returns to foreign bank account issues. If you’ve fallen behind on your taxes, or if you’re facing wage garnishment, a bank levy, tax lien, or an audit… have a look at the following 5 basic guidelines on how best to proceed (with or without Ayar Law): Free Download: 5 Guidelines for Handling Your Tax Situation In the above, you’ll gain a more full understanding of our approach. For example, Guideline #3 suggest that you “Interview your Tax Lawyer,” and Guideline #5 reminds you to “Understand that you have options.” 1
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