Alden Yako

Alden Yako photoFounder of Yako Law, Alden has focused his practice on representing and helping clients fight the government throughout the state of Arizona with traffic infractions including speeding, photo radar, and red light tickets. When pulled over by a police officer it can be an intimidating experience, however, Alden is always ready to fight for you in your time of need. Whether a minor traffic infraction or a criminal speeding violation, we understand the severity of the consequences the client may face. Alden personally guides the client with a step-by-step analysis on the procedural process, possible outcome, and what he will do to make sure an acceptable result is obtained. At Yako Law, Alden understands that a financial and personal burden that has been placed on you due to your traffic infraction and gives every case the upmost attention, detail, and diligence. Furthermore, Alden personally handles every case at Yako Law! You pay for Alden to work and represent you and will deal directly with Alden only. No law clerk, assistant, or an entry-level attorney will participate in your case. Alden prides himself on working with relentless persistence and providing unparalleled client service to achieve the best results for his clients.
Alden Yako
10869 N. Scottsdale Rd #103-545, Scottsdale, AZ
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