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Ajay Pallegar photoMr. Pallegar is a graduate from the University of South Florida and Stetson University College of Law. He is a Former Pinellas County Assistant State Attorney and has over tried over 100 criminal trials to verdict. As a prosecutor in Pinellas County, Mr. Pallegar completed many seminars related to DUI and domestic violence prosecution. These seminars included techniques used by law enforcement to detect alcohol impairment, drug impairment and a combination of both. The combination of being under the influence of both drugs and alcohol is known as the synergistic effect and is commonly used by prosecutors to prove DUI cases if there is evidence of both. Drug impairment is proven through requesting or requiring the defendant, if there has been a crash with injury, to provide a blood sample or requesting a urine sample. Keep in mind that drugs maybe found in blood or urine several hours or days after ingested. It is therefore important to hire a Tampa DUI Attorney that can demonstrate the weaknesses in any DUI case.
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| Criminal | Personal Injury | Traffic Offense |
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