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Scott Redmon - Michael Harwin & the Firm photoTrial attorney and former prosecutor Scott Redmon was named DUI Prosecutor of the Year 2013 by the Tucson City Prosecutor’s Office. Identified as a young remarkably effective advocate and counselor, Scott, now working at Law Offices of Michael Harwin, has amassed an incredible record of results in DUI and criminal matters, in only a few months. For example, on Scott’s very first jury trial as a criminal defense attorney for the firm, in June 2014, he achieved an amazing complete acquittal at Tucson City Court—not guilty verdicts on all charges. Defending a career professional charged with DUI, Scott with equanimity and poise battled an aggressive prosecutorial strategy, purposely dismissing the “impairment charge” to give the prosecutor a supposed procedural advantage on the per se DUI charge. To view the firm’s recent results Click here.
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