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I'm John Simonian, a Rhode Island and Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney with decades of experience helping people out of challenging financial situations. You can learn more about my legal background on the Attorney Profile page. I excel at finding creative solutions for the financial problems that put people at risk of losing everything -- their homes, their cars, their marriage, their peace of mind. Because of my dedication to my clients, and my commitment to providing the highest quality of legal representation in Rhode Island bankruptcy cases, thousands of people in my community have saved their homes, freed themselves from oppressive levels of medical and credit card debt, and stopped living in fear of bill collectors. Like many families, mine went through hard times. My father remembers the day when the red flag appeared on the lawn of the house his father owned next door indicating a foreclosure. It was during the depression. His father (my grandfather) owned two homes. Our family lived in one and my grandfather rented out the house next door. But like so many people living through an economic downturn, the renter lost his job and couldn't pay his bills. He moved away. The house sat empty, week after week. I'm sure my grandfather sat up at night worrying about how he was going to make the mortgage payments without any rental income. Worrying about losing the income they made from that house, and how that would affect his family. I'm sure he felt embarrassed having that red flag on his front lawn, too. What would his in-laws friends, and neighbors think of him?
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John Simonian Attorney at Law
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| Bankruptcy and Insolvency |
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