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Dino Perakis - Fowler Law Group  photoDino is an energetic attorney who happens to love the law and giving back to the community. He gets excited about litigation and trials the way normal people get about Christmas morning. Dino’s mantra, as quoted in the NewsJournal, is simple: “anything can be accomplished by doing the right thing, one step at a time.” What he applies equally to everything is immense dedication and a capacity for hard work that scares even us. Whether its surfing, wakeboarding, memorizing law, or chess, Dino portrays natural talents to perform greatly and learn quickly – except tennis. And it’s amusing to all of us, even Dino. Dino spent a year in Seoul, Korea teaching English and worked as a political analyst. During law school not only did he land an internship in Washington, D.C. (where he gained Supreme Court litigation experience), he also clerked in federal court and was published in his law school’s business web-magazine. As if that wasn’t enough on his plate, he managed to find time to “surf as much as possible” while simultaneously advocating on the #1 Moot Court Appellate Team in the United States.
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Dino Perakis - Fowler Law Group
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