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Dannie Boswell Botros  photoI highly recommend both Dannie Botros and the process of collaborative law for anyone going through a divorce. Dannie helped me 3 years ago through an extremely difficult and painful divorce that my husband of 30 years wanted but I did not. I had given up my career to be a stay at home mom 25+ years earlier and our youngest daughter was born with special needs. Both of these things added layers to the divorce process that made it very difficult to wade through. Utilizing collaborative law and having Dannie by my side to help me navigate the experience were the only reasons we didn't end up in a court battle which would have been a disaster for all concerned.Dannie explained very clearly what was going on, she always returned my phone calls promptly, and she understood why I was so devastated, angry and/or upset at times. She "got it". Dannie's legal assistant, Francine, is amazing as well. I feel very fortunate to have had both of these highly professional individuals on my team during that time.
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Dannie Boswell Botros
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